Guiding you when the risk of suicide is present.

How to recognise the signs of suicide risk. What steps to take to support anyone at risk. How to ask questions.

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Spot the signs of suicide

A free series of videos that calmly and easily explain the steps to recognise the signs of anyone who could be at risk of suicide.


Understand the steps you can take to provide support

Life Rescue gives you the tools you need to ask the right questions and remove the stigma around reaching out. Potentially saving the life of a loved one.

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Reassurance when crisis presents itself

Founder Dr John McIntosh provides direct face-to-face counselling for anyone at imminent risk of suicide. A unique world first .

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Download now

Free and available on iOS and Android


Our Life Rescue strategies explain the steps to recognise the signs of suicide risk, how to ask the questions and then what steps to take to support anyone with suicidal risk. The steps are explained simply and are easy to put into action so fear and reluctance to ask the questions is reduced with confidence that the actions steps are achievable and will save lives!  


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